This Summer

by Original Flow

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This Is a cover that I created today, because I had to. copy and paste these lyrics everywhere.


The lessons im learning is mad heavy, the blessings im earning is kinda sketchy, catching me by surprise, water squeezing my eyes, seeking reason for cries feeding demons disguise , deceiving grievance of why, leaving me with these ties, believe I need to try, heaving holding goodbyes, even older me cries, weeping wonders with sorrow, so hollow followed by  borrow time, swallowed mind, am I accepting this as influence, people still tryna break my walls down, should I let fall into these ruins loyal people never stayed around. The fakers then turn to vapors they making me who I am, forsaken me and the fam, taking not giving damns, delusions shooting my prominence promises getting broken,honest I'm feeling swollen, coasting choking on spoken notions emotions hoping. Still in a disarray, why do I feel betrayed, why dont I feel ok, why do I hate this day, why can't make a way, why do these feelings stay 2x. Break away break a way, spirit hurting take a break, find ya peace make it stay, hold it close, sit and pray.

Lord knows I've been a man of understanding, the flames in my eyes still need fanning, tired of seeing misery strapped to the people's faces, tired of the women thats happy for being basic, tired of seeing ignorant people that's being racist, vision is getting blurry im swearing I can't take it. Misery loving company calling me on the celly, feeding me this illusion I'm rumbling in my belly. Stumbled my humility fallen victim to flesh, knowing im not perfect damn I give it my best, damn I'm sick of the stress, I just want the success god is taking the rest. How could I just confess to another man in his flesh just because of his dress, this world is making a mess, holding fist to my chest. I resist and reflect, you consist and neglect. Who are you to impress, who are you to oppress, Im just being myself, you not seeing my wealth; hatas hiding in stealth, you wish bad on my health, I'm still loving myself I'm still loving myself.

Dreams are forever dreams unless you dare to wake, revealing the crown and its yours to take, some relations run dry that's why they seem to flake, guard your heart with caution its mad easy to break,
Become what you seek, seek not the sights of man nor the perishable desires of the flesh. Yearn for the truth, welcome it's embrace. Hold compassion for those unable to hold vision


released August 16, 2016
This is a cover to the Original Song "Goodbye Isaac" by Questlove




Original Flow Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Original Flow is a Hip Hop artist based in Oklahoma City, OK. His style of flow is unique to the current trends of the hip hop genre as he has adopted a definitive 'old school' feel in both lyrical content and delivery. His music offers insight from many aspects of life both inside and outside the music industry; from current events to the view of the everyday soldier, Original Flow never fails... ... more

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